Few words about us

MIR-KAR was established in 1998. From the very beginning the plant dealt with pork purchase and slaughter, then after a few years it extended the business to meat cutting. The plant is a private company and, which is important, a family business, hence the management cares not only about increasing the turnover, but also about full customer satisfaction, as well as the health and safety of work for the employees.


MIR-KAR in numbers

High Quality

The plant management declares it protects customer interests by constantly increasing the safety of the manufactured food. The suitable quality and safety of the pork sides and pork parts produced at our plant is fundamental for future company development and the respect of our customers in Poland and abroad. Taking into account the conscientiousness and good name of the plant as well as first and foremost of the health and needs of our customers/clients, we decided to form our own FOOD SAFETY POLICY.


Since 2010 MIR-KAR offers freezing and storing services of meat products, fruits and vegetables. Coldstore has storing room for 1500 tonnes of products and 1500 pallet room, together with 2 loading ramps with regulate height. Minimum storage temperature is -23°C. 

Warehouse is over a permanent supervision of veterinary and sanitary services. All EU standards are implemented. The coldstore is approved for export to third countries.

As we care of the highest quality standards we implemented HACCP system. Our procedures and production room is adjusted in the way we can offer our customers the best service. Because of that we are sure that products we produce are safe and fulfil highest quality standards. The plant’s approval number: PL10093805WE, and coldstore: PL06181101WE.
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